SGS is a company formed by a team of qualified professionals with experience, expertise and dedicated approach to advising on architectural and engineering, especially the plumbing. We also have the collaboration of leading consultants in the application of systems and products specifically developed to the realization of projects.

    Provide technical support and a wide variety of services to professionals and building workers , both local and international, having the materials, equipment, competent   staff to  help effectively to current demand,  personalized customers  attention and always keeping  the highest cost-quality relationship.  
    Being recognized for the quality of our service and to respond quickly and effectively to our customers needs.
    Professional ethics
    Responsibility and Commitment
    Innovation and Continuous Training
    Loyalty and confidentiality
    Competitive prices

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Tel/Fax: 0800-777-0042 / 5411 4701-0042 / 4702-4637
Av. Cabildo 4447 Piso 10º - C.A.B.A. - C.P. 1429
Buenos Aires - Argentina